Sanction Skate & Snow 3.0

The third and latest iteration of Sanction is about to get the internet going nuts. Set to launch in early Spring, the new Sanction is fully re-built from the ground up in ExpressioEngine 2, HTML5 and uses the fantastic BrilliantRetail module for ecommerce. In addition to being responsive for mobile devices, the site is now powered by a dedicated ecommerce platform that will allow for a larger and much more scalable online experience. With a complete AJAX shopping cart to a seamless checkout process, the new Sanction site is going to make a huge splash. Keep an eye out for it in Spring 2012!


As part of a complete design overhaul and rebranding, Wave needed a way to better commuicate with small business owners. The new design uses high resolution photography to show, quite literally, how business owners can fit Wave into their daily lives. Through close direction of various photo shoots, the series of custom photos were taken with talented photographer Donna Griffiths and will adapt to fit any screen resolution. The site is fully responsive and is powered by Django.  

Pin A Quote

Pin A Quote is a brand new bookmarklet for Pinterest that allows users to highlight text anywhere on the web, easily convert it to an image and then "Pin It" to Pinterest. In it's short time being live, it's had incredible feedback and has been featured on major industy blogs such as The Next Web, ReadWriteWeb, Social Media Examiner, Web Designer Depot and there's definitely more to come. A PRO version of Pin A Quote is set to be released that allows users to control the font, font-color and background colour of their generated quote images.

Night Sky Admin

Night Sky is Twitter Bootstrap theme that I released on various design marketplaces and sold directly at This theme includes over 50 custom widgets, over a dozen pages and has sold hundreds of times.  

Grenada, Grenadines (Country’s Official Website)

Developed while working at LMA Communications (@lmacomm), the Grenada Board of Tourism is a huge ExpressionEngine website. Utilizing the power of a whole bunch of robust modules and some custom php, the site features a trip planner, complex event calendar, tour operator locator, interactive map, multimedia gallery, media/travel agent center, huge directory of all accommodations/shops/specials/attractions on the island — and it’s all content managed. The final creative was an adaptation of an original design by Grenada local, Orlando Romain and was developed over time to portray the island’s unique “Rhythms of Spice”.

Stratus Winery

The winning entry was the website design for a niagara winery. It’s actually just a design comp at the moment (the client has yet to decide on the final design), but it was enough to garner nearly 70% of the community votes. What I love best about this particular design is the wide open, airy feeling… it really delivers a sense of being at the winery. To counterbalance the wide-open landscape photography, there is a fantastic structure to the informational parts of the design as you move down the page, which helps ground the experience and maintain a sense of sophistication.

- Brandon Jones, Envato Network


Hilton Carlsbad Oceanfront

Working with LMA Communications Inc., the Hilton Carlsbad project encompassed a wide range of interesting features. A single install of ExpressionEngine (using the Multi-Site Manager Module) powers 3 completely separate Hilton websites including Hilton Carlsbad Oceanfront, Hilton Garden Inn, and the Wavecrest Corporate site. Hilton Carlsbad Oceanfront has a complete mobile version powered by the amazing jQuery Mobile.

Creative Bag Co. Ltd.

Developed while working at LMA Communications (@lmacomm), Creative Bag Co. Ltd. has been supplying custom bags and packaging to retailers, advertisers, marketing companies since 1983. They have established themselves as one of the major suppliers of innovative packaging and packaging materials in the GTA.

The site was fully redesigned to create a new clean, seamless, and consistent user experience. Many complex UI enhancements were made to the product pages in order to allow users to easily navigate through multi-tiered pricing (between bulk & retail orders), and also having the ability to view all colour options and achieve bulk discounts. Since the launch, we've seen an average increase in visits of over 120%, hundreds of new followers on Twitter, and naturally, increased sales!

Glen Eden, Conservation Halton

The new website for Glen Eden (built while working with LMA Communcations Inc.) is a full-out rebuild in HTML5 that incorporates a wide range of new features. The site is fully controlled by ExpressionEngine and allows Glen Eden site admins to control all pages of the site, create their own forms, and have refined control of all the homepage callouts. This is one of my favourite projects to date and has been a pleasure to work on.


Boomphones is built in ExpressionEngine and includes a Brilliant Retail ecommerce integration, a video gallery where users can submit their own videos, and a pretty comprehensive dealer locator. The site was a full redesign and rebuilt from the ground up. The site is aimed to launch in late 2011.

Homes Magazine

The Homes Publishing Group needed an entire online re-branding for their entire suite of sites. Working in collaboration with Chunk Solutions, we created a set of sites (and matching control panels) that will change the way people view Homes Publishing Group online.

Three’s Company Jewellery & Accessories

For Three's Company, we built a suite of 3 sites that are fully integrated. Each site seamlessly connects to the next creating a richer, more connected user experience. Three's Company Accessories is very pleased with one of our high-end ecommerce solutions.

From our company's first meeting with Adam, we knew it would be a great experience. They were extremely patient and helpful when it came to explaining how everything works. It was a pleasure having our website done by Adam and we highly recommend their service to anyone looking for a quality web solution.

- Lauren Garber, Co-founder
Three's Company Jewellery & Accessories


Parker, Garber & Chesney

Parker, Garber & Chesney is a very well-known accounting firm located just north of Toronto that was in serious need of a new site. The new site, completely redesigned, rethought and rebuilt from the ground up is a revelation. It expresses the truly professional nature of the firm and is incredibly inviting to the user. Nearly every corner of the site is content managed and will now allow clients unprecedented access to up-to-date tax resources, articles and business resources. The all-new Parker, Garber & Chesney website is set to launch in mid-2012.